Sunday, September 30, 2012


"Portsmouth" is a traditional English folk dance tune, similar to an (Irish or Scottish) hornpipe melody. It is sometimes referred to as the Portsmouth Hornpipe.
"Portsmouth" appeared in the 11th edition of John Playford's The Dancing Master in 1701.[1][2] It is also included in Ralph Vaughan Williams' Sea Songs
In the 1950s it was used as the signature tune for television series of Billy Bunter.
In 1976 English musician Mike Oldfield released his arrangement of "Portsmouth". It is Oldfield's highest charting single in the United Kingdom, charting at number 3. This version is frequently used by football club Portsmouth F.C..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

O'Carolan Draught

O'Carolan composed both songs and instrumental harp music. Except for one song with an English text, all of his songs are in Irish. Most of his songs were dedicated to and about specific individuals. Many songs do not survive whole; what lyrics survive have only been published in part. His lyrics are rarely learned, whereas many of his tunes are widely performed and appreciated.
O'Carolan's musical style shows a mix of traditional and classical elements. He typically composed the tune first—as he rode from place to place—then added words later. Many of the tunes attributed to O'Carolan are older traditional melodies that he improved or lengthened. He wrote many "planxties" (tributes) in honor of some person. It is said that weddings and funerals were often delayed until he could arrive to perform.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Musical Priest

A Reel in Bm
Also known as An Sagart Ceolmhar, Musical Priest, The New Bridge Of Eden, The New Bridge Of Erin.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Me Zo Ganet

A poem in music:
Yann-Ber Kalloc'h (born Jean-Pierre Calloc'h in French) (21 July 1888 – 10 April 1917) was a French writer in Breton and French. He died in combat in World War I, near Urvillers/Cerizy (Aisne).
The Breton Scouting organization Bleimor is named in his honor.

1. Me 'zo ganet e-kreiz ar mor,
     Teir leo er-maez
     Un tiig gwenn duhont am-eus,
     Ar balan 'gresk e-tal an nor,
     Hag al lann 'holo an anvez.
     Me 'zo ganet e-kreiz ar mor,
     E Bro Arvor!

2. Va zad a oa 'vel e dadou,
     Ur martolod!
     Bevet e-neus kuzh ha diglod
     Ar paour, ne gan den e globou!
     Bemdez, bebnoz, war ar mor blod
     Va zad a oa 'vel e dadou
     Ur martolod!

3. Va mamm ive(z) a labouras,
     Ha gwenn he bleo,
     Ganti ar c'hwez war hon talou,
     Desket am-eus bihanig-tra:
     Medi ha tenna avalou;
     Va mamm, ive(z) a labouras!
     D'hounit bara!

1. Je suis né au milieu de la mer,
     A trois lieues au large!
     J'ai là bas, une petite maison blanche
     Le genêt pousse devant la porte,
     Et l'ajonc couvre le seuil!
     Je suis né au milieu de la mer
     Au pays d'Arvor

2. Mon père était comme ses pères
     Un marin!
     Il a vécu dans l'ombre et sans gloire
     Le pauvre, personne ne chante ses hauts faits!
     Chaque jour,chaque nuit, sur la mer sans ride,
     Mon père était comme ses pères,
     Un matelot!

3. Ma mère aussi a travaillé,
     Et ses cheveux sont blancs,
     En sa compagnie, la sueur sur nos fronts,
     J'ai appris , tout petit:
     A moissonner, à arracher les pommes (de terre);
     Ma mère aussi a travaillé,
     Pour gagner (notre) pain!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Derobée de Guingamp

A Dancing tune from Brittany, here in a beautifull arrangement of Tri Yann.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012